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For the record, this does not apply to the Microsoft Surface Tablet or Mac products.

So the reason that you don’t put your computer (desktop or laptop) into sleep mode is that the hardware and software don’t like talking to each other. More often than not, they are not created by the same companies, and therefore aren’t compatible at all times. After a while it will make your unit start to malfunction.


  • NOD32 Antivirus (Desktop, laptop, MAC, mobile)
  • Link off of website – Preferred Affiliates
  • Takes fewer resources from your computer to run and keep protected
  • It protects against about 95% of online issues Especially ALL SPYWARE
  • Virus and Spyware differences
  • Viruses self-replicate to keep alive just like in the body
  • Spyware does not. It can ACT like a virus, but it doesn’t self-replicate, which makes it hard to stop.
  • Update on a regular basis! Update any and all critical updates, also includes JAVA and Flash, uncheck any of the other stuff that they try to install on your computer. It will just cause you issues and require me to work on your computer to clean it up.
  • To keep yourself AWAY from Viruses!!!!!
  • Never click on a pop up, unless it was a planned pop up.

Emails: Any official email from Banks, PayPal accts that you may have, will contain your personal name or some kind of personal data! Any and all others can be ignored, do not open these, flag as SPAM and then delete them, they will look real, however they will have lots of misspelled words usually. You wouldn’t talk to the strange man wanting your help getting money, don’t do it online, these are scams! Do not EVER click on a link in an email that is only a link. Don’t open an attachment unless you are expecting it. If it has come from a trusted source and you weren’t expecting it, call them and ask if they sent it.

Heat is bad for all electronics, not just your laptops and computers.

For laptops here are a few notes:

For batteries: to create the best battery life, you should always do this when you get a new laptop or battery for your laptop, fully charge it and fully discharge it (use it till it dies) three times.

To prolong the life of your laptop: DO NOT USE IT ON YOUR LAP! No laptop is truly a “LAP-top”, it needs air to circulate with the fans to keep it cool. Do not use it on anything that will prevent it from getting air to the fans on the bottom of the unit. ALSO, an overheating laptop can burn your legs!!! Best thing to do is if you want to use it while you are sitting somewhere that isn’t a table, you can purchase lap desks for relatively inexpensively from several different places.

Regular maintenance of your internals, having them cleaned out, should be done approx. every 6 months, or more frequently if you’re in a windy, dusty or poorly ventilated area.

When purchasing a laptop, it is always a good thing to buy the maintenance/warranty program for them, just be careful as to what it actually covers. As it may cost more to repair the unit then to just buy a new one.

For your desktop:

It is always a very good choice to have it in a ventilated area so that air can be circulated through the fans that help keep the system cool. You may store it under your desk, however, you need to make sure that the side of the case that has the holes in it are not pushed up to the wall/leg of the desk. This will prevent air from getting to the system, which will cause it to overheat. And just like for your laptop, regular maintenance of the internals is a very good thing.

Defraging your computer is a quick and easy way to speed up your computer. The best software for defragging your computer is Defraggler, which is a free program. Do this once a month, for consistent usage, unless you have a SSD (do not defrag).

CCleaner is another free software program on the same website.
It is a good idea to run this at least once a month also.

Check for regular computer updates (usually every Tuesday) however can be done once a month. Go to Start button, all programs, windows updates. Run this and select all critical updates.

Malwarebytes use the free version, and do this once a month as well.

Why it is important to back up your data is because it is always good to have copies of important documentation. Like backing up the movies or pictures of the family, or that amazing vacation that you took. You can even back up all of your taxes information, or even scan in those mortgage papers and save them so that you can have it right there, and not have to keep the papers around taking up space.

That, and it is a lot easier to store a hard drive in your home fire proof safe than it is a bunch of papers and photos.

Just so you know, Thumb Drives/Jump Drives are horrible back ups for media. When backing up your media, i.e. those before mentioned pictures and movies, these devices, are not good for that type of data. They are good for short time storage, but they are unstable, and can crash too easily. They can also be lost very easily, I myself have even washed a few of them from them being left in pants pockets. You should use a secondary hard drive, or CD/DVD to back your items on to. Then when backing up to a secondary hard drive, you need to also power it up every few months to make sure that it is still functioning as well. Secondary hard drives are not all that expensive any more, they are also getting even bigger than what you may remember. A 1 terabit hard drive can be purchased for the same amount that a 64 gig hard drive was 10 years ago.